Selected coconuts from tropical island gardens are manually processed according to an ancient recipe. The coconut oil is by itself a “medicine”, known locally as a potent healing oil for various ailments. This oil is made by individual local farmers.

Pure organic coconut oils (virgin cold pressed as well as heat extracted)are also available in a variety ofdifferent sizes.

We also do special bio organic oil mixes on demand.(such as bio organic virgin coconut oil mixed with bio organic cold pressed sesame oil.)
please feel free to contact us directly with your wishes.

Chemical free and not tested on animals.
Free from artificial colours and scents.
Recyclable packaging




Noni Massage Oil

The healing and beautifying qualities of Noni are renowned throughout South-East Asia and the Polynesian archipelagos. Noni also used to be the most widespread medicinal plant in the pre-European era. It is only much more recently that modern science has shown that the high amount of xeronine and five other antioxidants present in Noni help to clean and rebalance the cells to their original and natural state. Therefore, Noni oil has a wide variety of therapeutic applications.

The active properties of Noni
Moisturizing: Due to its low viscosity, it absorbs easily into the skin and cells, relieving dry skin and fine aging lines. Noni oil has proved to be particularly effective in the treatment of sunburn, and as an all-natural after-sun lotion.
Antiseptic and Anti-fungal: Suitable in the treatment of minor cuts, bruises and grazes and for fungal infections, such as psoriasis and thrush.
Painkiller: Traditionally used for headaches, toothaches, ear pain etc.
Detoxifying: Helpful for skin irritations like eczemas and rashes.
Deep Tissue Healing: Problem areas such as scarred and post-operative tissue, nerve and muscle ailments such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), sprains etc.

How to Use
Liberally apply Noni oil daily on affected areas, as often as required. In colder climates, the coconut oil tends to solidify so, before use, warm the bottle by hand or in a warm room until the oil returns to liquid form. Noni oil is only for external application, although it is also suitable for treatment of sensitive areas, such as mucus membranes.

The Ingredients
Dragon Heart Noni Oil, which is based on an ancient Ayurvedic recipe, is a special extraction prepared by traditional methods from the leaves, fruits, and flowers of the Noni tree, fused with the finest hand-pressed coconut oil. All of our ingredients are organically grown by local farmers in Thailand under the Fair Trade ethic. Dragon Heart Noni Oil is therefore a uniquely pure, bio-organic and hand-made extraction.

The quality of the oil stays optimal in the ceramic bottle (lead free glazing),
which keeps the oil without light and at a more constant temperature .
This guarantees that Dragon Heart Noni Oil is a truly ‘prana’-rich product.