Selected coconuts from tropical island gardens are manually processed according to an ancient recipe. The coconut oil is by itself a “medicine”, known locally as a potent healing oil for various ailments. This oil is made by individual local farmers.

Pure organic coconut oils (virgin cold pressed as well as heat extracted)are also available in a variety ofdifferent sizes.

We also do special bio organic oil mixes on demand.(such as bio organic virgin coconut oil mixed with bio organic cold pressed sesame oil.)
please feel free to contact us directly with your wishes.

Chemical free and not tested on animals.
Free from artificial colours and scents.
Recyclable packaging




About Us

At Dragon Heart Products our aim is to create potent, bio organic, traditional healing oils as well as Spa, Wellness and and Health products.We believe that every step from using the finest organically grown Noni fruits and plant matter or taking extra precautions to keep the oxidation during the fusing processes to a minimum. So, insuring the intrinsic healing quality that has become our trademark.

We buy the very best organic Noni fruits and plantmatter, including “yor tale” and “ban” varieties. Sourced directly from our growers we pay them a higher price than for that of conventional Noni.We purchase all our ingredients due to fair trade principles.

Dragon Heart Noni Oil is made with the Noni grown by farmers in the south of Thailand.
We have long term agreements, guaranteeing to buy all the Noni they can produce.
This security helps them to improve their quality of life and provide a better education for their families.
Nobel though these principles, it is the intrinsic quality of our products that will have you come back for more.Our products are pure and potent!

Please contact us for further questions and more info at
e-mail: 0) 810828638